In our Private Sessions you will receive personalized lessons catered specifically to your goals. We will work with both the TPRS storytelling method as well as a traditional structure to insure that classes are engaging and relevant while building a strong foundation. Unless you specify otherwise, there will be a focus in each of the areas that make up the Pillars of Language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Throughout your sessions, you will be exposed to material and activities designed to strengthen each of these pillars.

Adults are encourage to schedule a free consultation.

high schoolers


We guide high school students to gain the confidence she or he needs to excel as language learners, and to ultimately cultivate a deep connection to language and culture. Mastering the material presented in class is the focus of the sessions so each student is able to achieve the highest scores in school.

We love to support AP Spanish students and students who are preparing for the SAT Spanish subject test.

Additionally, we make sure that students are constantly working toward becoming superbly well-rounded Spanish language speakers. Students are presented with engaging cultural material focusing on each of the areas that make up the Pillars of Language: speaking, listening, reading, writing.

High schoolers are encourage to schedule a free consultation to see what option would serve their unique needs: private in-person sessions, private virtual sessions or group study hall drop-in sessions.