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Marin Spanish School is excited to invite you to our Downtown Petaluma location for a freshly designed series of engaging and interactive Spanish classes that are highly relevant to how you can make speaking Spanish a part of your everyday life.

We hope you will enjoy Spanish 1, 2 and 3 all of which maximize personalized attention in a small class size of 4 students. Students thrive under our guidance through dynamic group and one-on-one conversation, grammar, colorful discussions on culture and history, and leisurely walking field trips during which the class will apply its Spanish skills in real time. Every level of this series incorporates the TPRS® method, bringing storytelling to life and setting the stage for full immersion. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to take the next big step toward fluency in Spanish.

All classes meet twice weekly in Downtown Petaluma with the second weekly meeting being an optional study hall session.
If you only attend the first weekly class meeting, you will receive all core lessons. 



Classes are 8 weeks long and meet two times per week for 80 minute classes. We do our best to offer a varied schedule with both morning and evening options. Please check back after July 15 for the Fall 2019 schedule

Mondays: Core Lesson
Students work with teachers in a small group setting designed to create an interactive and immersive language acquisition experience.

Wednesday: OPTIONAL Study Hall
An optional teacher-guided study hall session that allows students to receive individualized support to reinforce the core lesson. Attending the Study Hall allows you to maximize class time to focus on the weekly core lesson plan during the first weekly meeting. If you only attend the first weekly class meeting, you will receive all core lessons. 


Duration: 8 weeks
Class Size (max.): 4 Students
Location*: Marin Spanish School, Petaluma
Cost: $580 includes tuition & materials
Cost Breakdown: $25/hr plus materials

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*Adult Group Classes only available at our Petaluma location.
If you are interested in the Mill Valley location, we are currently accepting new Adult Private Tutoring students.


Class Descriptions

Spanish 1A

All three levels of Spanish class at Marin Spanish School are divided into two sections. Spanish 1A is for total beginners. Everyone is welcome! You may already have some experience, but would like a refresher on all the beginning-level topics. Here are a few main areas Spanish 1A covers: basic pronunciation, greetings and initial conversational question-and-answers, simple verb conjugations, gender and number rules, application of beginning grammar concepts.

Spanish 1B

If you feel comfortable with the above material in Spanish 1A, consider going straight for Spanish 1B: using two verbs together (the first conjugated, the second infinitive, e.g., Quiero comer.), noun phrases, adverbs, verbs in present, past, and future tenses; por vs. para. It’s especially important that good pronunciation habits start early. Students will be guided through the rudiments of phonetics in order to be prepared for both independent and collective exploration in the new language.

Spanish 2A & 2B

So you’ve got the basics down, and you’re ready for more. Awesome! Level 2 at Marin Spanish School will get you on the path toward fluency. Expect more focus on daily activities, your personal interests, colloquial and idiomatic expressions, and more abstract subject matter. Assigned readings will be longer, and comprehension questions more profound. By the end of Spanish 2B, the goal is a 5 in fluency on a scale of 1 to 10, real-time application of the language being a primary learning tool. A brief summary of grammar topics covered in 2A: relative pronouns, present subjunctive mood, past participles, present perfect, past perfect, present-perfect subjunctive, prepositions. For 2B: future, future perfect, past subjunctive, conditional, conditional perfect, past-perfect subjunctive, “si” clauses. Students will move toward more freedom, and start to build skills to teach themselves.

Spanish 3A & 3B

The trajectory of class at Marin Spanish School moves from an emphasis on reading and vocabulary building toward an emphasis on original thought, creativity, and writing. 3A offers exposure to extensive real-time application of Spanish and a wide variety of reading material, aiming to bring students as close to fluency as possible. By the end of 3B, students will be communicating orally and in writing to refine their knowledge and skills. This is an especially dynamic class where students are invited to contribute their ideas and experience in seminar format. Surprise! The subject material for 3B will vary. Students will be treated to 8 exciting weeks on the History of Spain, Musical Culture in Latin America, or Travel in the Spanish Speaking World.

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