For Adults

If you opt for Private Sessions, you will receive personalized lessons catered specifically to your goals. Unless you specify otherwise, there will be a focus in each of the areas that make up the Pillars of Language: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Throughout your sessions, you will be exposed to material and activities designed to strengthen each of these pillars.

Adults are encourage to schedule a free consultation to see what option would serve their unique needs: Private Sessions or Small Group Classes (Petaluma location only)



After the memories of the dreary high school Spanish classes, it was a surprise to find myself looking forward to Spanish class taught by Emilie Thomas.

Her enthusiasm for Spanish is infectious, leading one to look forward to the next class and new revelations. She teaches with good humor and has great anecdotes of her own experiences learning Spanish amid Spanish speakers in their own countries.

This gave her a real understanding of common mistakes we beginning learners often make, and she’s able to teach the beginner how to confidently step out into the Spanish speaking world.
— Mark Stillman, 60.
Emilie’s beginning Spanish class has given me all the tools I need to feel confident on my journey to truly speak and understand Spanish.

I still have a lot to learn but now feel confident in my ability to learn. Anyone who wants to learn Spanish should take Emilie’s course. It’s informative fast paced, and fun. Well worth the money and more.
— Jerry Sargent, 62.
Emilie was a great teacher, enthusiastic and determined. Being a student herself, she relates to her students very well. She’ll not only answer questions, but do the research and help give you a full explanation to clarify any question one might have. Awesome!
— George Frost, 24.