2018 Milestones

Querida comunidad de Marin Spanish School,

¡Feliz año nuevo a todos! Over the holiday break, we reflected on our organic growth this past year. We are humbled by all of your support. These milestones would not have been possible without your part in our community. Here are some highlights from our remarkable past year:


    • Launched new location in Downtown Petaluma


    • Brent Wexler is brought on as a consultant to support Emilie in making her dream of Café Puente become a reality

    • Our former student, Alyssa Urban, begins as our Marketing Intern

    • Our current student, Casey Carroll of Bold Woman Brands, begins to work her magic as she joins our team to help us look inward to better know who we are, what we want to become and how we are going to get there

    • First Adult Group Class launches in Petaluma


    • Emilie returns to Chile establishing further connections for MSS


    • Café Puente concept is presented for the first time at Presidio Graduate School where Emilie is earning her MBA in Sustainable Management


    • We take our first student trip to Cuernavaca, México and could have stayed the whole summer in this magical land of the Eternal Spring


    • We are honored to announce our two new incredible teachers: Brent Wexler in Mill Valley and Lars Rosager in Petaluma


    • Alejandro Moreno joins our team as a start-up strategist to help execute Café Puente


    • Our community grows to include, Mely, Alex, Angélica, Vasthi, Dalya, Noemí, Mario and Stephanie, local Latinos who believe in the mission of Café Puente and are brought on as Café Puente Hosts

    • Eddy de Leon, local Guatemalan artist, collaborates to present an unforgettable exhibit at the Café Puente event


    • Café Puente, our non-profit social impact café is launched with a hugely successful event in Downtown Petaluma

    • The Café Puente Volunteer Leadership Team is formed by Angélica, Dalya, Stephanie and Emilie

    • Emilie joins the Canal Alliance Young Professionals Board as another way we support local mission aligned organizations


    • Begin 3 month collaboration with Eddy for an exhibit portraying Latinos in California by photographing Dalya Amador, Café Puente Lead Host and young local Latina leader here in Petaluma


    • Café Puente begins to offer investment opportunities to reach our goal of $250K

    • Alejandro and Emilie pitch Café Puente to potential investors at the Presidio Graduate School Capstone Showcase

    • One of our amazing students and local to Petaluma who is passionate about Café Puente’s role in our community becomes Café Puente’s first investor!

    • Marin Spanish School files to incorporate as a Benefit Corporation on January 1st

    • Café Puente files to incorporate as a Non-Profit, 501c(3) on January 1st

Wow!! We are glowing with pride in our team and so humbled to work with all of these individuals who have made our dreams a reality. Again, THANK YOU to each of you for your continued support. Stay tuned for exciting events, updates, class offerings and opportunities to get involved.

In gratitude,

Marin Spanish School Team