Our Guiding Principles


In addition to our commitment to offer high quality language programs and tutoring services for our communities in the North Bay and beyond, Marin Spanish School has always been guided by a strong social mission to use language education as a bridge to build cross cultural relationships and promote a deep value for diversity. We believe strongly in building bridges, and uniting under a shared respect and admiration for difference.


Learning Spanish is a very personal process and here at Marin Spanish School, we take great pride in creating customized language programs that honor each student’s unique journey. Whether you’re an adult looking to learn Spanish for professional advancement, a college student interested in deepening your skills through real life application or a high schooler needing help with your homework, our teachers are committed to providing a meaningful experience and supporting you in learning Spanish in a way that fits your lifestyle, interests and goals.


Learning a language is so much more than studying vocabulary and grammar. We value experience, living the language and real life application as essential components of language acquisition. We support all of our students in taking the exciting yet often scary step to take their Spanish outside the classroom. In addition to the ways we embed this value into our curriculum, we offer community events and immersion opportunities through Marin Spanish School as well as our non-profit, Café Puente to ensure our students have access to supportive spaces to connect with native speakers, ask questions, and make Spanish a part of their everyday life.


We believe that the relationship between student and teacher is core to each student’s sustained success. Simply put: relationships matter. This belief is at the heart of our teaching philosophy and can be felt as soon as you step through our doors. Our students matter to us, not just as students but as whole people, and we are always here to go the extra mile for them. We know that learning a language can feel scary, frustrating and even sometimes impossible, which is why tending to the psychological aspects of the journey through building relationships are at the center of our methodology.


Above all, Marin Spanish School is here to serve its community, which is a rich, beautiful, multicultural community in the heart of Northern California. Sonoma and Marin counties have the largest Latino populations in the North Bay region, representing many dialects and cultures. We are grateful to call this area home and to teach and practice in this vibrant community that lives intertwined with Latino cultures and the Spanish language. While there is much richness and possibility in this exchange, we are not blind to the complex realities - both historically and current - that impact the weaving of our community and work to serve as a unifying force for a more just and inclusive shared future.