We are driven by excellence, a strong social mission and a deep love and respect for the Spanish language and cultures. There is no “one size fits all” here. We take a holistic approach and design personalized, meaningful language programs that align with your unique lifestyle, goals and aspirations. We believe learning Spanish can and should be fun, interesting and tailored to you. So, that’s exactly what we do. All levels - from total beginner to fluent speaker - are welcome.



At Marin Spanish School, we design our customized curriculums blending three core areas: storytelling (TPRS® method), traditional textbook (Vistas Higher Learning) and “Mi vida” (Spanish relevant to your life).  

This highly individualized approach leaves plenty of room to build creative and relevant learning pathways, which we believe is the “secret sauce” that makes our private tutoring so effective.

We understand that our students come to us at various stages of ability, interest and comfort with Spanish. Our goal is always to meet our students exactly where they are - whether that’s total beginner, advanced speaker or somewhere in the middle. We see it as our greatest responsibility as teachers to attune to the needs and learning styles of each student to identify and design the appropriate curriculum.

In addition to these three core areas, our teachers are equipped with a wide variety of tools and resources to support each student wherever they may be in their language journey.


Learning a language is so much more than studying vocabulary and grammar, which is why we support all of our students in taking the exciting yet often scarry step to take their Spanish outside the classroom. We offer a variety of community events and immersion opportunities at Marin Spanish School and our non-profit, Café Puente, to ensure our students always have access to supportive spaces to ask questions, connect with native speakers and make Spanish a part of their everyday life.

Ready to take your Spanish outside the classroom? Book an Encuentro cultural with one of our Café Puente Hosts or subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date on upcoming events.