To help you take your Spanish to the next level, we take tutoring to the next level.

Learning a language is a personal process and here at Marin Spanish School we take great pride in creating customized language programs that honor each student’s unique journey. Whatever your motivation and goals are for learning Spanish, our passionate and skilled teachers will make sure you thrive.

Language learners of all levels - from total beginners to fluent speakers - can benefit from our private tutoring services.

Private tutoring is available in Downtown Petaluma, Downtown Mill Valley and online via Zoom.


We know how busy our adult students are and how difficult it can be to take on the challenge of learning a language later on in life, but we also know how achievable and rewarding it can be, too!

We work with both the TPRS® storytelling method as well as a traditional structure to ensure that classes are engaging while building a strong foundation. We focus lessons on topics that have particular relevance to your life and create meaningful homework assignments that keep you motivated. Our curriculum is built to work with your life, so you’re sure to succeed.

Session formats include: private in-person sessions, private virtual sessions, or a mix of both. All sessions are booked “a la carte”, with no minimum number of sessions required to get started.


Are you somewhere on the scale of: “ahhhhh, I’m struggling,” “ok, I got this but I want to go further,” “this Latin American Literature class is going to be the end of me” ?  Don’t worry. We’ve got you!

Continuing your Spanish studies in college while juggling all the other priorities and demands on your time can be challenging. And we get it, Spanish isn’t always your top priority. That’s why our goal is to be here for you however you need - whether that’s to be pushed or to learn how to develop techniques for how to study more effectively. You can sign up for ongoing sessions or drop in here and there for some help writing an essay or prepping for an upcoming exam.

If you are considering studying abroad, in addition to helping you get your Spanish up to speed so you can make friends abroad, we can help advise you on what location might be the best fit for you. If you are currently studying abroad or have just returned, our private sessions can help you deepen your studies with Spanish as well as look at where you want Spanish to take you after college.


We love helping high school students ace an upcoming test or get a little extra support to excel in a challenging Spanish class. In addition to helping you achieve the highest possible scores in school, we also guide you to cultivate a deep connection to language and culture and develop the confidence you need to excel as lifelong language learners.

Have a big exam coming up?

We prepare high school students for the following exams:

  • AP Spanish Language and Culture

  • AP Spanish Literature

  • SAT Spanish Subject Test

We work with students from schools all over the Bay Area. Here are some of the high schools we serve:

  • San Francisco

    • University High School

    • Sacred Heart

    • St. Ignatius

  • North Bay

    • Tam District: Tam, Redwood, Drake

    • Marin Academy

    • Branson

    • Marin Catholic

    • Sonoma Academy

Session formats include: private in-person sessions, private virtual sessions, drop-in study sessions or a customized combination of all three.


Have you recently returned by from travelling abroad and want to keep up your Spanish so you don’t lose it? Did you used to be a proficient in speaking Spanish but have lost a little of your skill without the space to practice and continue to grow? Are you farther along on your journey with the Spanish language but still looking to go another step further? Let’s keep your Spanish alive, together! We proudly offer advanced level one-on-one sessions.  Contact us directly to discuss how we can best be of service.